The Easy Welcome Box

The Easy Welcome Box is an all-round, easily accessible toolbox which includes all the information you need for the school to welcome new pupils and parents.
The Easy Welcome Box was created to help and include new pupils and parents in the transition to a new school by providing all the information you need.
The goal of The Easy Welcome Box is to simplify the start at a new school by building a trusting relationship between pupils, parents, teachers and management.
The design of The Easy Welcome Box is created so your school can choose between different templates, leaflets and creative solutions of your own choice. It is also very easy to add extra information that you find important.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Box

The Box

Design and order your own

Choose: card board boxes
Follow the steps.
1. Style
à We choose box design 0300
2. Join
à We choose N/A
3. Material
à We choose the singlewall
4. Size
à We choose: length 300mm – width 200mm – height 150mm
5. Qty & size
à We choose 100 boxes. £84.40 for 100 boxes, £0,84 per box.
                                                                    €102.019 for 100 boxes,
€1.02 per box

Design and make your own box

Choose your favorite template with the size that you like. Download it and make your own box.



To decorate the box
For our example of a sticker, we choose create.
Category: Home and Animal
Section: Stickers
Customize: choose your own image (school logo) and text (contact information)

Enrolment form

We designed our own enrolment form.


The Leaflet template is created so your school can easily insert your own personal information and make it fit your needs. The Leaflet gives information about the schools everyday life, the staff, a calendar, a map, photos and contact information.

We advice you to use the following website for designing your own leaflet:

This is our example of a leaflet:

Our help buddies


The Life At ______________ School is a short video that creates a personal introduction to your school. The video can be made in many different ways. This video could easily be made by the students by dividing the video into different phases and let the pupils tell their schoolstory.

For this video we recommend: for Windows computers MovieMaker or for Macs iMovie.


The keychain is a token to show the parents and children belong to the school. And that they always have contact information and a piece of the school with them.

For the keychain:
Category: accessories
Section: Keychain
Then create your own image (logo) and text (contact information)